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Undercard Open Workouts_08_21_2016_Workout_Ed Diller _ DiBella Entertainment _ Premier Boxing Champions(9)

Photo from Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment/Premier Boxing Champions

DiBella’s Sunday Premier Boxing Champions Showcase matchup of female stablemates is much anticipated and gaining very much needed visibility for the female game.

Both Heather Hardy (17-0, 4 KOs) and Shelly Vincent (18-0, 1 KO) are doing their own circuits of training, fan-attention initiatives, and verbal jabs at each other, as their displeasure of each other finally comes to a head on Sunday at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardway in Brooklyn, NY.

Premier Boxing Champions finally features it’s first televised women’s bout on tape delay on PBC on NBCSN starting at 9pm ET on Sunday, August 21st.

Weighins on Saturday should be interesting to say the least, as tensions continue to climb. Come Sunday afternoon, there will be a ton of bangin’ and it is destined to go a full 20 minutes of action, 10 rounds of no-holds-barred banging.

For a few years now, this matchup has been brewing. Vincent started it by stalking Hardy’s fights and calling her out. Now that it was in the works, I (personally) loved (sarcasm) how Hardy turned the call-outs for the fight like it was her own idea for the matchup.

Majority of the new outlets are all backing Brooklyn’s sweetheart as if this is one of the worst matchups ever made. I am not sure if the profiling of her longer-time promoter, her being a constant fixture on Barclays Center shows, her famous home gym persona, her hard-luck story to the top, or what it is that gives her automatic winner status without stepping inside the ropes.

Let’s face it!!! This bout has no love-loss. It will most likely NOT end in hugs nor sportsmanlike embraces. It will also most likely take a knockout to clearly define the winner, especially from the visitors corner.

Let’s actually discuss the factors…

Comparing paper stats, like comparison over same opponents, only creates wasted time and paper champions.

I liked Daxx Khan’s (of Billy C Morning Show) August 18th assessment [link] of the two parties skills and abilities. Daxx gave an in depth critique of advantages and disadvantages of both contenders.

Bill C added to Daxx’s observations and conclusions that Ring Generalship is going to be a huge factor and whomever controls more will get that nod. Absolutely! I wholeheartedly concur!

Coming from a multi-sport participation and coaching background, I have been known to spot and draw attention to some of the missed components in athlete’s preparations and habits.

In any sport, footwork is such a large part of both offensive and defensive aspects of the specific game. I am glad I am not the only one to notice and address footwork issues. Daxx pointed out that Hardy has some flaws in her footwork. But, both actually have little hitches in their footing that hinder power. Hardy’s affects her power, her stance, and the prospects of addressing the height differential to her opponent. Those factors may weigh more heavily influential in the action on Sunday.

Attributes and Advantages:

  • Punch Power – Hardy definitely has the power advantage.
  • Punch Accuracy – Vincent with her movement and inside strategy should feed to the accurate shots led by the stiff jabs.
  • Quickness – Vincent is constantly working speed in training and shows in the ring.
  • Conditioning – It seems like Vincent is 24/7 at work of her craft. The conditioning is key at the start of camp. I have been seeing pics and vids of Hardy working abs during Fight Week. Really?! I sure hope that is older footage.
  • Athleticism – Vincent is the beast – from fitness, to stance, to agility, to movement.
  • Team – While Hardy has the dedication of her how Devon Cormack, Vincent is trained by Peter Manfredo Sr, who has been chief second for significant more and meaningful bouts.

Judges Scoring Criteria:

  • Clean Punches – Volume for Vincent creates opportunity for advantage. But Hardy is strategic with the thrown fists.
  • Ring Generalship – Going to be a tossup, since both corners are finally in that real stepup bout where they have to prove their real ability to control.
  • Effective Aggression – Both need to come out and prove their efficiency in this area. Vincent tends to be a pitbull and get countered, creating closer bouts than expected. Hardy has had a couple instances of being too aggressive and has suffered from it. This is another tossup.
  • DefenseVincent has quick multi-directional movement that may play in heavily with the taller Hardy. The horizontal and lateral movement should neutralize Hardy’s height advantage with her more straight up and down stance.

Can Hardy keep her previous cuts closed? If Vincent and land something early and open a cut, can Hardy continue into late rounds?

Who is going to be the conscientious aggressor while controlling the ring and action?

Hometown favoritism is definitely a risk for Vincent. She is in full-blown attack mode, with a constant training regimen. Will the judging be unbiased?

I tend to create butt-hurt from my input, since many generalize and profile media for never throwing a punch inside the ring. I have mentioned all week that I was being strategic and reserved in my analysis and insight on this bout. I will officially announce that I am going against the consensus of the boxing media on this #Box4Respect (on many levels) bout in my prediction, but it will be close and potential screwjob as others have noted.

I (Jay Kemp) am predicting Shelly “Shelitos Way” Vincent to have her hand raised in victory, claiming the WBC Featherweight International title. Why?

  1. As Vincent stated at DiBella’s official announcement press conference a couple weeks ago… Hardy has not faced someone that has movement like hers. Vincent will not just stand in front of Hardy like her other opponents have. The target will be more mobile.
  2. Height difference can allow Vincent to gain the inside attack and unload on the body.
  3. Vincent is ready to pounce. An early and well positioned shot upstairs could open a cut and hamper Hardy’s ability to last 10 rounds. Hardy may find herself with head down and open herself up. She has been cut numerous times. It is not a rare occurrence and can be a real disadvantage. No one will want this one to stop for Tech Dec.
  4. Athletic stances and agility is on the side of the visitor.
  5. Vincent can weather storms like no one else. Stamina and heart is great.
  6. While Vincent was preparing and then beating Christina Ruiz, what was Hardy doing? Working on MMA moves at another gym, like considering a Holly Holm’s jump??? Really?! Respect your craft!

Not to create my scapegoat clause, because I am sticking to my prediction… but this will be a toe-to-toe brawl and will most-likely go the distance. Neither corner has KO power and tendency. This bout could still go either way. I also hope Hardy can prove me wrong and legitimately.

Someone’s zero has to go on Sunday. Someone and their fans will feel upset. Hopefully, the judges do not create more issues and the #WomenofBoxing will continue thriving into the future.

In closing:

This is a step in the right direction for the Women’s Game! But, it is merely the first step in a tall staircase. Because one women sells $30,000 to one show does not translate to everyone’s gains. Because two female warriors earn their right to TV coverage does not translate to everyone’s gains. Every boxer needs to do their part to gain the interest of the promoters and fans. This one makes sense and cents because they have both sell tickets for the cameras to show and validate their (the individual boxers) worth.

Like I have been saying all along, Boxing is not just a sports. It is a business. What do you bring to the venue, to the show, to the promoters for them to consider your opportunities. Just a desire to throw punches, athleticism, and a sports record is not enough. Market yourself and gain the public’s attention, not just the boxing public’s attention.


Jay Kemp, #NextGenChamp

Northwest Chicago Suburb native that has a knack for development of sports. Sports is my life, from youth to professional levels. I make things happen! I AM GOLDEN! Sports BIZness specialties include marketable presentation, public relations, sponsorship acquisition and retention, up-to-date marketing strategies, charitable projects and how they translate into positive public image. In addition to boxing, I am a nationally certified coach in the sports of lacrosse, soccer, and wrestling, with ties to many other sports. Telephone: 224-627-3777

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