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From WBC:


Jennifer-Han-e1426030089304The World Boxing Council Women’s Convention showed Jennifer Han that there indeed was a way forward, and although the road still isn’t paved with goldust, it’s traversable towards the milestone of triumph of glory.

Jennifer who’s based in El Paso Texas, was one of the many determined and admirable women fighters who travelled from all four corners of the Globe, to Tijuana to listen, to learn and to gain strength.

She said: “I think Mauricio Sulaiman is doing a great job having these WBC Women’s Conventions. I learned so much from the first one in Playa Del Carmen in 2014, and doors opened for me. I’d never been around so many female world champions in my life, and I wanted to be a world champion myself at that time. So I was motivated! It had always seemed so far away, as you don’t get opportunities as a female fighter. But I came to the Convention, got to meet all these great champions and it boosted my spirits up.”

Truly inspired, Jennifer gave absolutely everything she’d got, fought her heart out against Helen Joseph last September at the Dan Haskins Center, in her home town, winning a UD and the vacant Women’s IBF featherweight Crown. It was the culmination of a long journey, which had began when she was just sixteen years old. Jennifer had started doing martial arts in her family, then kick boxing and transitioned into boxing.

Now at thirty two and in her prime, she stressed: “I want to be a boxer as long as I’m at my peak, which I am. I have a title defense, hopefully in March. One of my main goals is to fight for the WBC title, and I so want to try to gain this opportunity. Soledad Mathysse is the WBC champion. She’s an absolutely great fighter and I hope I can get my chance.”

Jennifer also hopes that women fighters’ fight purses will become more generous and start to compare more favorably to that of the men. She observed: “The disparity isn’t fair. I don’t think we’re going to get these types of purses now. But I strongly believe that if promoters started putting female champions on network television, we’re going to grow in popularity and then there will be more opportunities to make that money. But they need to give us a chance!

Oscar De La Hoya, didn’t meet Christy Martin’s challenge at the first WBC Convention to put women regularly on his boxing cards. I wish he’d been at the second WBC Women’s Convention, so we could have challenged him again. But it’s not just him. If any of the promoters would be open minded I think women’s boxing would grow tremendously.

“It would be the catalyst for everyone falling in love with the women champions.”


Press Release - WBC

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