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From WBC:


kika-galassi-mdcThis Saturday someone’ll find their thrill in Blackberry Auditorium (on Blueberry Hill?) Mexico City, as WBC flyweight champion, Yessica “Kika” Chavez  and  former world champion, Italian Simona Galassi each eye the sweet panorama of triumph.

On her straight road visit to the WBC  weekly press conference, all the Appian Way, from Italy, contender “Ol Blues Eyes” tacitly made it clear that it’ll be: “My way!” And  she fully intends to return to Italy with the WBC laurels, thanks to her ability and skills.

Without underestimating the champion´s quality, Simona is convinced  this will a great fight, but she’s 100% sure victory will be her’s, conceding that this is realistically her last chance for glory. And that’s why she’s driven herself through blood, sweat and tears as never before,  during a Spartan trading regime.

“Ol black eyes” Yessica was not tardy with her current response, replying that as Champion she must and indeed she will face down and fight off all the very best of the category,  and  tall southpaw Simona is up there shoulder to shoulder among them.

Kika commented that the Italian fighter is a dangerous opponent, and even though  she is the champion,  she’ll spur herself on, by getting up into the ring, as hungry, and ruthlessly ambitious as a  usurping Machiavellian  contender.

She also plainly pledged to her fans, that come Saturday night they will see: “The very BEST Kika!”


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