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symposiumWe have been discussing some plan of this sort for over a year now, since the Women’s Game has been advancing in attention world-wide.

Many of the athletes of the sport are struggling at maximizing their own value and why the sport is not progressing as they desired, citing that they are doing their part in the gym and inside the ropes on Fight Night.

There is more to it, hence why promoters struggle at taking the gamble and putting women on TV.

Coming soon… a series of videos, articles, etc. discussing:

  • The current state of womens boxing
  • Today’s sports marketing standard
  • #Box4Respect
  • Rolls from boxer and the promoter and all people in between
  • Developing fan recognition
  • Building athlete value within the ranks
  • Approaching gender defining qualified privileges and benefits
  • and more …

If you (or your team) have (or has) any questions and/or requests for topics of discussion, list below in comments area.